The Hyundai Accent Makes a Great First Car

When you’re putting a new driver on the road, it can be hard to get through all of the hurdles. It has become increasingly complex to get through the permit and licensing process while keeping up with all of the ever-changing state laws. After all of that, you still have to find a safe, reliable car that isn’t going to cost a fortune or send your insurance premiums through the roof. Whether you buy new or used, the Hyundai Accent can give you peace of mind with a basic, capable car for young drivers.

Bonus: Teach Your Teens How to Drive Stick Shift

The Hyundai Accent comes in a six-speed automatic transmission, which is usually the preferred option. However, it also features a manual transmission model that offers a light clutch, large shifter, and medium throws for easy operation. Any parent that wants to teach three-pedal driving to their teenage children can do it quickly and easily with the manual transmission Accent model. Plus, the manual option only sacrifices about 1 combined mpg when compared to the automatic transmission. The automatic gets about 32 mpg combined while the manual gets about 31 mpg combined.

Choose the Accent for Longevity

The subcompact budget-friendly market is the perfect place to find a solid car for a teen driver that will end up lasting them through many significant life events. The Accent offers a prudent, capable drive that will stand the test of time. A four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine makes this an economical choice that will keep running for years with proper routine maintenance.

This car could last your teen well into their college years and young adult life, and the price won’t break the bank.

Tech-Friendly means Teen-Friendly

Today’s tech-obsessed teenagers will love the technology that comes in the Hyundai Accent’s newer model cars. The subcompact does keep it simple with a more no-frills approach on base models, but there are other trim options and upgrades available. Standard tech features include Bluetooth, USB port, and a five-inch touch screen to manage the infotainment system right from the dash.

Available tech upgrades include automatic climate control, Hyundai Blue Link, two optional additional USB ports, and a power sunroof. There is also an available upgrade to a six-speaker sound system that includes a seven-inch touch screen, satellite radio, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay (not available on all models). The good news here is that even if you upgrade for a little more tech, you’re still spending less than you would on a lot of similarly sized vehicles.

Don’t Forget Safety

The Accent has always performed well in safety tests and has received an IIHS(Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) rating of superior for its front crash prevention features. The Hyundai Accent comes standard with a backup camera. Optional upgrades include automatic emergency braking and a forward collision warning system. Peace of mind is what every parent wants when their teens are behind the wheel, and the Accent delivers.

Find the right Accent at a good price for the new driver in your house! You can choose new or used, various trims, and add on optional features to create the best sedan for your teen driver.

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